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Electro-Voice - Digital Device

Electro-Voice® (EV®), is a professional audio brand of Telex Communications, Inc., a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of sophisticated audio, wireless, multimedia, aircraft, broadcast and communications equipment for commercial, professional and industrial customers. Telex Communications markets its products in more than 80 countries under the brands EV®, Telex®, RTS?, Dynacord®, Midas®, Klark Teknik® and others.


Soundcraft which started of as a small company back in 1973 building mixers for recording, has now grown by leaps and bounds with a reputation for building great-sounding desks, which is often referred to as the favoured 'British Sound'. Design and innovation has always been one of Soundcraft's major strengths. Over the years it has introduced a number of industry-favoured consoles. Today Soundcraft has a network of 88 distributors selling and supporting its products world-wide. It now boasts a range of mixers which are designed for use in live sound, recording, post-production, TV and radio production and disco applications.

Soundcraft - Digital Device


Wharfedale - Digital Device

Wharfedale Loudspeakers have been at the forefront of loudspeaker technology since 1932. Their innovative designs combined with almost seventy years of manufacturing audio systems make Wharfedale Professional products an excellent value for money choice. Every component, except for the magnet, of every loudspeaker is designed and made in Wharfedale’s own factories. Hence control of all the variables to make sure every finished product complies with the highest standard of excellence, becomes easier. From conventional loudspeakers to the amazing Loud Panel technology, Wharfedale Professional can provide the highest quality audio equipment for all your requirements.



TOA is dedicated among others, to the development, manufacturing and distribution of premier Public Address audio systems . TOA Corporation was founded in Kobe, Japan over 70 years ago. TOA operates in over 100 countries worldwide, with more than 1500 employees and sales greater than $300 million dollars. TOA manufacturing facilities are found in nearly every major market area. These facilities have a reputation for precision design and fabrication, resulting in a proven track record of TOA product reliability .

TOA - Digital Device


NEC - Digital Device

NEC Projectors & Plasma Displays, first developed as PC presentation tools, are now expanding into applications ranging from business to education to home entertainment, thanks to improved data transfer speeds and the growth of the DVD market. NEC is committed to making our customers' large-screen display experience more innovative and efficient by designing easy-to-use projectors & plasma screens that are able to meet a variety of applications with the latest technology and industry-leading product quality and reliability. NEC's high brightness, high resolution projectors & plasmas are the perfect tools for public advertising, public information display, and control room applications including police and fire stations.


Draper a US based 100 year old company, is the pioneer in the projection screens industry. With it’s vast experience and innovative designs, draper screens are second to none in reliability.

Draper - Digital Device


Midas Consoles - Digital Device

Midas Consoles Midas has been designing and manufacturing live performance mixing consoles for the world's most demanding sound engineers, performers and production rental companies since the early 1970s. Raising the standards of sonic quality through continual research and development has always been - and still remains - the overall aim. Midas consoles are really second to none in the audio industry in the area of quality, design and performance.


Crown International, a company with a very colourful history that dates all the way back to 1947 making open reel tapes, is one of the world’s leader in Pro-audio amplifiers. The company has been making amplifiers for all kinds of applications with reliability, innovation, build & sound quality as it’s hallmark. Crown’s recipe is simple: design, build and service each product as if you were the customer.

Crown International - Digital Device


dbx - Digital Device

dbx is the professional’s choice whensourcing for signal processing equipment. When sound quality is effected by poor acoustics or simply to bring out the best of the equipment or may be even just to control the dynamics of sound, dbx will probably have a solution at hand.


Lexicon With the introduction of the world's first digital processor in 1971, Lexicon became the world leader in digital audio. Since that time, Lexicon has continuously introduced ground-breaking technology to the audio industry. Today, Lexicon processing is heard on over 80% of all recordings, broadcast and film soundtracks and, in the home theater market, Lexicon sound is the acknowledged measure of excellence. For thirty years, Lexicon has had a dramatic impact upon the professional audio industry.

Lexicon - Digital Device